Year of issue:    1990
Price:   DKR 110 (+ dispatch costs)
Playing time:   74' 12"
Label:   Helikon HCD 1004
Order from:   Helikon Edition
P.O. Box 8

Carillon and Organ
Automatic carillon
[1]Rung-Keller P S / Klokkesangen
Carillonneur: Ulla Laage
[2]Rung-Keller P S / Allegretto for klokkespil
Organist: Jens E Christensen
 Bach J S / Prelude and Fuge in D-major
[3]- Prelude
[4]- Fuge
 Mozart L / The morning and the evening (arr. J E Eberling)
[5]- January
[6]- February
[7]- March: Adagio with variations
[8]- April: Menuet
[9]- May: Pastorale Menuet
[10]- June: Scherzo
[11]- July: Menuet
[12]- August: Aria
[13]- September: The hunt
[14]- October: Menuet
[15]- November: Menuet
[16]- December: Cradle song
Carillonneur: Ulla Laage
[17]Clarke J / Prince of Denmark March (arr. U Laage)
[18]Gluck C W von / Andante (from: Orpheo - arr. R Barnes)
[19]Gluck C W von / Aire de Dance (from: Orpheo - arr. R Barnes)
[20]Johnson R H / Sleepers, Wake!
[21]Rung-Keller P S / The Danish hymn 'The Church is like Heaven' (arr. U Laage)
[22]Laage U / Variations on 'Built on the Rock'
Organist: Jens E Christensen
[23]Franck C / Fantasy in C (from: Six pieces)
[24]Rung-Keller P S / Postlude
Automatic carillon
[25]Rung-Keller P S / Klokkesangen