Year of issue:    2008
Price:   EUR 18,00 (incl. dispatch costs)
Playing time:   69'32"
Label:   GLO 5234
Order from:   Utrechtse Klokkenspel-


Arie Abbenes, city carillonneur of Utrecht
Carillonneur: Arie Abbenes
 Bach J S / Concerto after A. Marcello (arr. A. Abbenes)
[1]- Allegro
[2]- Adagio
[3]- Presto
[4]Cima P / Sonate canto solo e basso (arr. A. Abbenes)
[5]Merula T / Sonata seconda (arr. A. Abbenes)
 Locatelli P / Sonata XII for violin and b.c. (arr. A. Abbenes)
[6]- Adagio
[7]- Allegro
[8]- Andante
[9]- Allegro
[10]Parcham A / Sonata (arr. A. Abbenes)
 Charpentier M / Concert pour quatre parties de Violes (arr. A. Abbenes)
[11]- Prelude
[12]- Allemande
[13]- Sarabande
[14]- Gigue Anglais
[15]- Gigue Franšais
[16]- Passecaile
[17]Castello D / Sonata seconda (arr. A. Abbenes)
 Purcell H / Dido and Aeneas (excerpts) (arr. A. Abbenes)
[18]- Ouverture
[19]- Aria 'Shake the clouds'
[20]- Chorus 'Banish sorrow'
[21]- Aria 'Ah Belinda'
[22]- Chorus 'When monarchs unite'
[23]- Recitativo 'Dido, Belinda'
[24]- Chorus 'Fear no danger'
[25]- Chorus 'In the manner of an echo'
[26]- Echo dance of the Furies
[27]- Aria 'Thanks to these lonesome vales'
[28]- Chorus 'Come away fellow sailors'
[29]- Recitative 'Aeneas, Dido'
[30]- Chorus 'Hast, hast to town'
[31]- Chorus 'Great minds'
[32]- Recitativo 'Dido'
[33]- Aria 'When I am laid'