Year of issue:    2001
Price:   USD 15,00 (+ dispatch costs)
Playing time:   30' 00"
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Washington Memorial National Carillon
Carillonneur: Doug Gefvert
[1]Trad. / America
[2]Trad. / Yankee Doodle
[3]Trad. / Chester
[4]Trad. / Hail, Columbia
[5]Trad. / The Battle-Cry of Freedom
[6]Trad. / The Battle Hymn of the Republic
[7]Trad. / Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean
[8]Trad. / America, the Beautiful
[9]Trad. / Armed Forces Salute
[10]Trad. / The Caissons Go Rolling Along
[11]Trad. / Anchors Aweigh
[12]Trad. / The Marines Hymn
[13]Trad. / Semper Peratus
[14]Trad. / Off We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder
[15]Cohan G.M. / You're a Grand Old Flag
[16]Berlin I. / God Bless America