Peace Palace  

DEN HAAG - On May 26, 2000, the society 'Stichting Carillon Den Haag' handed over the completed carillon of the Peace Palace to the Carnegie Foundation, the owners of this building that was constructed in 1913. The plan to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Peace Palace by installing a four-octave carillon in the tower dates from 1986. The city of Den Haag is now the proud owner of three tower instruments.

The society took quite a few years to raise the funds for the carillon which it was felt would have to be of an international standing, since the Peace Palace is the residence of the International Court of Justice. Bells were donated by the Belgian and Swiss governments, the Carillon Society of Australia, some international companies and many organizations involved in international justice and peace. The fact that even Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus were among the benefactors enhances the status of this carillon.

After the installation of a three-octave carillon in 1994, the instrument was gradually enlarged and now consists of 47 bells with a bourdon of E-flat (1.190 kg), coupled to the keyboard as c1. So the carillon, with all bells cast by Eijsbouts, transposes a minor third up. Due to the limited space in the tower, the European Standard keyboard is placed on a new floor above the bells. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the carillon is played from 13.00 till 13.45 hours by Loek Boogert or Heleen van der Weel.

Within the Peace Palace are to be found many symbols and inscriptions relating to peace. And so a plaque on the carillon bears the text De Excelso Momentum Pacis, meaning From above, a moment of peace. A compact disc of the carillon has been issued entitled 'Momentum Pacis'.