GOES - On the occasion of the completion of the restoration of the carillon of the Grote Kerk in Goes, the Stichting Goese Beiaard organizes on Saturday June 27th, 2015, a carillon contest. During the restoration a new e-flat1 bell, the 'Sjoerd Tamminga-bell' was added. The instrument has now 48 bells.

The instrument is located in the open spire of the Maria Magdalena church en is tuned in equal temperament. The bells in the range f1 - g1 - chrom. - f5 are attached to the keyboard as c1 - d1 - chrom. - c5. So the carillon transposes a quarter up and has a standard European keybaord (with a slightly diminished key fall). For every candidate 45 minutes of practice time is available.

The contest is open to carillon students and graduated carillonneurs and has two categories: A. Carillonneurs with a diploma, and B. Carillonneurs without a diploma. The program that has to be played must meet the following requirements.

Category A and B: A program of up to 15 minutes with at least one original composition written for carillon. There is no compulsary work.

Candidates are asked to make three copies of all pieces that will be played. None of the music sheets may contain notes that could enable the jury to identify the participant.

Category A. The 1st prize is  500 and an invitation for three recitals in 2016 (including Goes and Haarlem). The 2nd prize amounts  250. Category B. The 1st prize is  300 and an invitation for a recital in Goes in 2016 and the 2nd prize is  250.

The members of the jury are yet unknown. The jury will not know the identity of the participants. So participants are judged anonymously.