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OSLO – The Committee of Delegates of the WCF has chosen Oslo as the location for the 14th World Carillon Congress 27 June - 1 July 2004. Her Majesty Queen Sonja will be the patron for the congress which is being held in Norway for the first time. The Congress Committee includes the Nordisk Selskab for Campanologi og Klokkespil and Sonus - Amici Campanarum Osloensis, a recently founded society for people interested in bells and carillons.

Oslo - the Capital of Norway - is situated in the heart of Scandinavia, surrounded by magnificent scenery from the fjord to the forested hills. Already at the turn of the 10th century, a settlement was built at the head of the Oslo fjord. During the 11th century, this settlement grew into the medieval city of Oslo, making Oslo one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia, and the only Scandinavian capital with an urban settlement dating back to the Viking Ages.

Today, Oslo is a modern city well-equipped for conferences. The centre of Oslo is small and compact, offering most hotels, meeting facilities, shopping areas, restaurants, outdoor café's, and entertainment within walking distance. The clean environment, with fresh air and clean water, is an important asset. People in Oslo are friendly, and they enjoy receiving visitors. Communication is easy as most Norwegians speak English.

Oslo is proud to invite the congress participants to Oslo City Hall. The unique architecture, frescoes and sculptures, along with the carillon, will create the best possible surroundings for the congress. The lectures will be held here. An exhibition on the carillons of Oslo will also be presented at the City Hall, a mere two minutes walk from the congress hotel.

The Oslo Cathedral has inaugurated a new carillon on December 14, 2003 and in the summer of 2004 a new carillon in Uranienborg church will be completed. Along with the Travelling Carillon, four instruments will sing in Oslo during the congress.

The WCF congress is a joint project between the Nordic countries and Oslo is looking forward to present the city, the Nordic carillon culture, Nordic bell founding, and the Nordic music for the international carillon society. From Finland, the hand bell choir SONUS will take part in the congress. Theme of the congress is The voice of the city.

During the world congress six carillons will be avaiable for recitals:

Oslo City Hall

Olsen Nauen 2000


4000 kg
 Oslo CathedralOlsen Nauen 200348680 kg
 Uranienborg ChurchOlsen Nauen 2004371600 kg
 Bragernes ChurchBergholtz 196135640 kg
 Sandefjord ChurchSchilling 1931251250 kg
 Travelling CarillonOlsen Nauen 1984521050 kg

The Travelling Carillon will be on tour through all the Scandinavian countries both before and after the congress. Carillonneurs who are interested in playing concerts, please contact Morten Langberg. More information is available on [].

The congress programme will include:

  • Lectures about the instrument, the carillon music and the congress theme
  • Concerts on three new carillons in Oslo and the Travelling Carillon
  • Carillon + (carillon with other instruments and carillon duets)
  • Congress Tour to two carillons outside of Oslo and Norwegian Bell Foundry
  • Congress Service in the Cathedral
  • Mayor's Reception in Oslo City Hall
  • Carillon inauguration in Uranienborg Church
  • Time for meals, museum visit, shopping and social life


 2 - 4 JulyBell Conference of the Nordic Society of Campanology and Carillons in Sandefjord
6 - 10 July

International Work Shop in Løgumkloster
 Lectures by Milford Myhre, Peter Langberg and others
All year

Norway in a nutshell - Explore the Nordic countries
 Congress participants are recommended to travel on their own before or after the congress to visit Norway or the other Nordic countries. Information on: [].


Congress participants may travel to Oslo by air, ferry, train or car. The international airport in Oslo, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, is located approximately 50 km north of the city. Sandefjord Airport Torp is located 110 km south-west of Oslo. The low-fare airline Ryanair has made this airport a new and important gateway to Oslo. Through the Oslo fjord, there is all-year access to the ocean, which makes Oslo an important harbour for regular ferry-boats. Modern and comfortable trains and busses connect Oslo to Sweden, Denmark and the rest of the continent. It is recommended not to bring cars as parking in Oslo can be expensive.

The Registration Form is now available as PDF-document  Download
The congress fee is € 150. Please register and pay the congress fee before March 15, 2004.

Address for registration and questions:

 c/o Congress Host Vegar Sandholt

 AddressOslo City Hall, N-0037 Oslo, Norway
 Telefax+47 978 27 476
 Phone+47 23 46 19 25 or +47 907 99 991

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