St. Cunera-tower Rhenen  

RHENEN - On the occasion of Rhenen 750 year City and the fiftieth anniversary of the Van Bergen-carillon in the St. Cunera-tower the 'Stichting Beiaard Cuneratoren' is very pleased to be able to announce a Composition Competition for Carillon. This contest is organized in cooperation with the 'Nederlandse Klokkenspel-Vereniging'.

Saint Cunera was a virgin and martyr. She was born a princess from York (England). On October 29, 340, she was strangled by Aldegonde, the wife of King Radboud, out of jealousy. She is now the patroness of the city of Rhenen.

The best composition will be awarded a first prize of EUR 1.500. The second and third prize consist of an amount of EUR 1.000 and EUR 750 respectively. Furthermore there is an incentive prize available of EUR 750 for the best composition of a composer younger than 30 years.

Anyone may submit more than one piece. Only pieces that have not entered other competitions or were published before are welcome and only original compositions for carillon are allowed; no arrangements of existing works. However, variations on a song or an existing theme will be accepted. There is no limitation to the duration or difficulty of the entries.

A piece must be playable on a standard European four-octave carillon: 47 bells, 4 octaves without low c# en d#. Pedal-range from c to g1, manual from c to c4. To assure total objectivity an entry may not have any signs or marks that can reveal the identity of the composer. The names of the winning composer(s) will be revealed to the jury only after their deliberations.

A committee of judges consisting of Ton Hartsuiker (specialist in contemporary music and former director of the Sweelinck Conservatory of Amsterdam as well as the Conservatory of Utrecht), Carl Van Eyndhoven (city carillonneur of Tilburg and Mol and carillon teacher at the Lemmens Institute of Leuven), Marco de Goeij (composer), and Gideon Bodden (city carillonneur of Amsterdam), will evaluate all entries received by the deadline.

The jury judges on originality, musicality and usefulness or effectiveness for the instrument. The judges may also decide not to award any composition, or to divide the prize money between more than one submitter.

The announcement of the prize-winning piece(s) will take place at the annual meeting of the NKV in Rhenen (The Netherlands) on March 29, 2008. The winning piece(s) and a selection of the other entries will be performed that day. All the composers of the performed pieces will be informed in advance.

Two (good readable) copies have to be send in (please no originals!). The date on the envelope will be used to determine the timely receipt. Send them to Freek Bakker, the secretary of the jury (address below).

Participants have to write down their name, address, the title of the submitted piece(s) and a short curriculum vitae in a letter that accompanies the entry or entries.

Also, every participant agrees on publication and performance in the scope of the competition. The prize-winning composition(s) and a selection of other interesting entries will be published and distributed by the 'Nederlandse Klokkenspel-Vereniging' and the 'Stichting Beiaard Cuneratoren' after the competition.

The deadline for entries is Tuesday January 1, 2008.

For further information please contact the secretary of the jury: Freek Bakker, Van Kluyvelaan 14, 3862 XG Nijkerk, The Netherlands, phone +31 (33) 245 90 53, e-mail  E-mail.

The conditions are also available as a PDF-document  Download.