RIJSWIJK - The Algemeen-Nederlands Verbond, the society for Nederlands-Vlaamse cooperation, organizes as executor of the last will of mr. H.L.A. Visser a composition contest for carillon solo. The theme is '500 years carillon in the Low Countries'.

The prize amounts 10.000 and performance of the piece. The winning composition will be published as a joined issue of the Nederlandse Klokkenspel-Vereniging and the Vlaamse Beiaard Vereniging.

The performance of the composition is part of the celebration activities on the occasion of the five-hundredth anniversary of the carillon in the Low Countries and will take place in Brugge (Belgium) on October 9, 2010.

The contest is open for all composers. Information about composing for the carillon can be found on the website of the Vlaamse Beiaard Vereniging: [].

  • The contest is open for compositions with as theme five-hundredth anniversary of the carillon in the Low Countries.
  • The composition must be new and particularly written for this competition.
  • The duration of the piece is between 7 and 10 minutes (to be mentioned in the score).
  • The piece has to be playable on a carillon of four octaves with meantone temperament and as range: B-flat - c - d - chromatical - c4 (49 bells). Because some instruments lack a B-flat and en e-flat bell (number 1 and 4), alternatives for this situation are requested.
  • The work should be composed for carillon solo.
  • The score may not contain any clues that could identify the composer. When it does, the composition will be debarred.

Members of the jury are Arie Abbenes, Frederic Devreese, Daan Manneke, Carl Van Eyndhoven and Andries Clement as president without a vote.

The score should be submitted digitally in duplicate and anonymus. The score is provided with a motto or an aphorism and is being accompanied by a closed envelope which holds the same motto or aphorism. This envelope also contains the name, address, phone number and e-mail address of the composer.

Applications should be send in no later than August 15, 2010. The date stamp is decisive. Personal delivery of an application is not accepted.

The jury has the right not to award the prize if the expected level is not reached.

The submitted material remains in the possession of the ANV. By applying for the contest the candidate accepts all contest rules. The only address for correspondence is: Algemeen-Nederlands Verbond, Postbus 501, 2280 AM Rijswijk, The Netherlands.